Powerbatt Extends Battery Life Up To 100% While Keeping It Working At Peak Efficiency.

Easy To Use And Protects The Environment

  • Application is not technologically or investment demanding and takes place directly at the customer´s site
  • Powerbatt is simply added every 6 to 12 months to battery's electrolyte according to the battery type
  • Prevents early battery replacement and decreases energy consumption while lowering levels of CO2 emissions and toxic lead waste into the environment


We are a technology company dedicated to the lead-acid battery market. Our mission is to bring the powers of chemistry to bare, in order to solve the issues of battery capacity, environmental impact, and ROI for the private and public sectors of our economy.



Extend battery life up to 100%, while increasing capacity and performance. Save expenses connected to declining equipment performance and waste disposal by using PowerBatt products in all your lead acid batteries.


Regular application of PowerBatt in all of your lead-acid batteries will chemically optimize the characteristics, preventing decreases in capacity and performance. This will increase reliability and stabilize the operating time between battery charges.


PowerBatt is added once or twice per year according to battery type, age and conditions of use. PowerBatt is cost effective (saving up to 85%) and very easy to use!


A true "Green Energy" program for the environment prevents early battery replacement. PowerBatt is environmentally friendly and no new chemicals are added to or released from batteries that are not already present which would have a negative impact on the environment. Scientific studies confirm this.


Once a battery's chargeable life expires, it becomes waste that is not easy or cheap to dispose of. High toxicity and an increasing number of dead batteries is a serious burden on the environment.

PowerBatt products represent an environmental and economic benefit:


Doubling a battery's life and keeping it working at top efficiency, lowers the need for production of new batteries. This saves lead, energy and emissions needed to produce new lead acid batteries. By extending the life of one 500Ah lead acid battery for one additional year, 535g of CO2 is not released into the atmosphere.


Doubling the battery life substantially lowers the cost of new battery purchases and man hours for de-installation and installation of new batteries. If PowerBatt products were used in all lead acid batteries, the number of batteries being discarded or recycled, could be cut in half. Effective and efficient environmental benefits can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new batteries.

The benefits to the environment are based mainly on saving raw material and energy needed to manufacture new batteries.

The following calculations are needed to recast 1 ton of crude lead:

  • Foundry coal quality 171 kg Scrap metal50 kg
  • Iron oxide 35 kg Limestone 20 kg
  • Electricity 95 kWh Natural gas 45 m3
  • Water for humidification of drift 10 liters
  • The chiller = 18m3/hour - cooling molds = 12m3/hour

Melting of 1kg of lead, releases into the environment:

  • Dioxide emissions 628 g
  • Lead0.24 g
  • Sulfur dioxide 120 g
  • Carbon monoxide 4 g
  • Nitrogen oxide and 24 g
  • Chlorine 2 g
  • Organic substances 1 g
  • Economy of regeneration (500 Ah battery): Weight of the battery 30 kg
  • Lead contains 21 kg

PowerBatt battery life extender reduces the need for smelting lead, reducing consumption of the following:

  • Foundry coke quality 5.18 kg Scrap
  • iron 1.51 kg
  • Iron oxide 1.17 kg
  • Limestone 0.61 kg
  • Electricity 2.88 kWh
  • Natural gas 1.36 cubic meters
  • Process water 0.91 m3

PowerBatt Battery life extender reduces the need for new battery cells, reducing consumption of the following:

  • Electricity 3.75 kWh
  • Natural gas 2.30 cubic meters
  • Process water 0.91 m3
  • Compressed air 0.34 m3

Extension of the life of the battery with a capacity of 500 Ah for one additional year will reduce the number of emissions into the environment, in particular:

  • CO2 - carbon dioxide 535 g
  • Lead0.12 g
  • Sulfur dioxide 60 g
  • Carbon monoxide 2 g
  • Nitrogen oxide 12 g Cl1 g
  • Organic matter 0.48 g

Globally, the world production of lead is around 12 million metric tons, of which about 85 % is for production of lead-acid batteries or about 10.2 million metric tons.


As a Minnesota Green Step City, we are keenly interested in green energy products and programs that can have an immediate positive impact on the City of Mahtomedi, PowerBatt USA has shown they can do this. Integrating their products into our city battery fleet maintenance program has been very easy and the results are obvious.

City of Mahtomedi

We carried out several tests in the preventive care of various lead-acid batteries, used primarily in forklift trucks and lorries. Since the test results and application agent, PowerBatt showed significant improvement in the operability and reliability of batteries, we would recommend PowerBatt to others as well. The main advantage we found while testing for several months, was the simple application of the PowerBatt agent.

Ing.Petr Mrnka | Service manager


The main advantage of the PowerBatt product is its simple application and fast effect on the battery capacity increase, without interruption of the non-stop operation. Thorough testing, results and our experience with the PowerBatt product have eventuated our decision to list the product for use for our rental fleet as well.

Ing. Ján Štiglic | Maintenance Department Manager


IKEA Gdansk confirms that 24V/225Ah and 48V/560Ah treated with PowerBatt have rapid increase in both volts and density of both batteries.

Skrodzki Marek | Service Manager


For a small community golf course, cart batteries are a huge expense and headache. PowerBatt USA has solved both, cutting our battery expenses in half and keeping our batteries at peak capacity!

Fox Run Golf

Webster, WI

PowerBatt USA took our 38% capacity forklift battery and turned it back into an 80% capacity battery and reconditioned the lead plates at the same time. Now with annual PowerBatt maintenance, we can keep it there for years to come. Very cool product and process.

Door Service Company of the Twin Cities, Inc.

Hugo, MN

We operate over 250 trucks, using more than 1,000 batteries. Thanks to PowerBatt USA, we went from half the life span and twice the expense to twice the life span and half the expense. They were right, chemistry doesn't lie.

Vista Trans Holding

Lake in the Hills, IL

The Four Main Benefits of PowerBatt


PowerBatt desulfates (cleans) the lead plates inside lead acid batteries.


PowerBatt reconditions the lead plates to make them soft and porous, as when they were new, eliminating the potential for cracked plates.


PowerBatt also discharges the charged particles that drop to the bottom of the battery, eliminating the potential for short circuits.


PowerBatt rebalances the chemistry of electrolytes.