Carbon Neutrality Statement


The history of PowerBatt was not originally ground in any vision to mitigate environmental impact, it was simply to find a way to make lead-acid batteries of all sizes last longer and work more efficiently in order to save money. After more than 20 years of searching, experimenting and testing, simple chemistry unlocked the key to making it all work. The surprise no one was even looking for suddenly appeared; it was 100% effective and environmentally safe. The byproduct of adding our proprietary PowerBatt formula to lead-acid batteries...water and oxygen!

PowerBatt prevents early battery replacement and decreases energy consumption while lowering levels of CO2 emissions and toxic lead waste into the environment.

By doubling the battery life, it lowers the need for production of new batteries and thus saves lead, energy and reduces emissions produced. By extending the life of one 500Ah battery for one additional year, 535 g of CO2 is NOT released into the atmosphere. By lowering the need to purchase new batteries and lowering the need to recycle old batteries, PowerBatt proves that effective and efficient environmental benefits can be achieved even at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new battery. In most cases, the price of PowerBatt represents less than 20% of the price of a new battery. The benefits to the environment are based mainly on saving raw material and energy needed to manufacture new batteries.
The discussions of who, how and why of CO2 environmental impact, we will leave to the professionals to figure out, we simply believe a clean environment is good for all humanity and want to do our share to make it so. We believe PowerBatt is the only "green" product of its kind in the world for the battery industry.

If you as an individual, group or company are interested in an effort towards carbon neutrality, please contact us to discuss. From a business and environmental perspective we, of course, would like to earn your business...for all the right reasons.

Christopher French - President

PowerBatt USA

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