Chris French

Founder and President of PowerBatt USA, Hugo, MN


Chris is the visionary leader of all that is PowerBatt. His background as an entrepreneur, consultant and later management of the NASA SEWP IV & V Federal contracts, has given him a solid background to recognize new technology opportunities and the importance of developing the proper team to get it to market.

Daniel Gallatin

Legal Counsel


Dan brings to the table a wide breadth of business and legal experience. He has operated his law firm for over 15 years and has counseled many businesses within a multitude of industries of varying complexities and size. The summation of this experience brings to us a background well-grounded in forecasting and avoiding complex issues to help move our company forward.

Todd Zabel, CPA, CITP

Financial Manager


Todd is in charge of all financial matters. This includes the complexities of compliance with new tax codes and their impact on our business strategies, financial solutions, advisory services, and ERP software, which enable us to operate efficiently and effectively.

Andrei Novakovskiy

Lead Technical Expert


Andrei oversees and directs all aspects of the PowerBatt technology, lead acid battery technology and all of our testing processes. He has more experience with our PowerBatt technology than anyone in the world and his overall lead acid battery technology knowledge is second to none. Andrei has also worked side by side with one of the premier battery laboratories in North America, helping them to develop improved testing methods for lead acid batteries. Andrei also has a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree.

Jeff Parenteau

Director / Golf Division


Jeff is responsible for building PowerBatt partnerships with major accounts and has an extensive background doing just that. Most recently he has been a top sales producer in the automotive industry, consistently achieving the "Mark of Excellence" status. Prior to that Jeff achieved equal success in the beverage industry and was also an integral part of operations for the NASA SEWP government contract sales for a government security software contractor.

Julie French

Office Administrator and Merchandising Consultant


Julie is experienced in office management and manages our daily office operations. She has 15+ years of retail merchandising experience for companies such as Dicks' Sporting Goods, Under Armor, North Face and other large retail companies. Her knowledge of retail store space is invaluable to PowerBatt when we are working with retail outlets.

Kevin Belland

Shop Manager


Kevin is the go-to guy in our shop. He ensures everything requested is done properly. We lean heavily on Kevin for his golf cart battery knowledge and knowing where the pain-points are for golf courses owning or leasing their carts. As an owner / operator of a golf course for 20 years, Kevin has acquired a unique knowledge of the golf cart battery marketplace that he brings to PowerBatt.

Dusan Uhrík

Head of European Operations & Business Development


Based in Slovakia, Dusan is responsible for PowerBatt USA's international business development. His experience with global product development and marketing puts us in a strong position to compete world-wide. He speaks fluent English, German, Russian, Slovak and Czech. His "fire" is to bring our "green" battery technology to the world, thus contributing to a reduction in any environmental issues resulting from battery and waste management.

Ondrej Toth

European Technical Expert


Ondrej is our Lead Technical Expert in Europe; responsible for the production of PowerBatt concentrate. He has developed a vast expertise in machine technologies working for international business powerhouses such as Procter & Gamble, where he worked as a technical manager in new machine automation processes. Ondrej's formal studies include electrical engineering with a specialization in measurement and automation engineering at the Electro Technical University of Bratislava, Slovakia. He speaks fluent Slovak, Czech, German and English.